Why our clients choose us compare to other analytical services

Full Analysis

We analyze 100% of followers instead of just a sample, which makes our analysis as accurate and reliable as it can possibly be.

AI-based algorithms

We use cutting edge technologies such as Machine learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing that we constantly improve.


Analysis of 100% of the followers allows us to provide such features as Notable Followers or Followers Export, which are rare on the market.

Dicovery filters

Our Influencer Discovery tool has 18+ filters, which can easily help to find influencers with maximum ROI for your advertising campaign.


Points are the currency used to analyze followers and unlock reports. Analysis of 1 follower costs 1 point.

Most of the Instagram analytics services analyze accounts and draw conclusions based on either samples of Influences’ followers or on their active audience. We also observed that most of these services do not use correctly randomized samples which leads to skewed data. Unlike its competitors, analyzes absolutely all followers on an influencer’s account. This approach makes our reports the most reliable and accurate on the market. To keep the quality of analysis high without increasing the prices, we came up with the idea of points.

Since the ratio of points to followers is 1:1, analysis of an account with 10,000 followers will cost 10,000 points. The flexibility of the point system allows our clients to greatly save their budget. Let’s say that in July you analyzed followers of 7 nano-influencers, 8 micro-influencers and 3 macro-influencers, totaling 18 reports. However, in August, the number changed and now you need to analyze only 12 reports, varying in size. Most platforms require users to pay the same price for each report regardless of the account size, so you will not only receive distorted data, but also greatly overpay. On, you only pay for the followers you analyze, which means the price is always transparent. also allows its clients to keep the subscription fee low by giving the option to adjust Monthly Balance.

Monthly Balance is the baseline number of points that users receive at the beginning of each month. Monthly Balance can be changed at any time. Not sure what Monthly Balance to choose? It's okay, choose the lowest one and if you spend all the points, you can easily add more at any time.

If by the end of the month you still have unused points on your balance, after the subscription renewal they will automatically rollover to the next month's balance. In other words, no matter what Monthly Balance you choose, there is no risk.

If you did not use all of your purchased points in one billing cycle, they automatically rollover to your next billing cycle unless your subscription expires. For example if your Monthly Balance is 250,000 points and you have 100,000 left at the end of the month, your next month's balance will be 350,000 points (remaining 100,000 + 250,000 Monthly Balance). However, if you do not renew the subscription on time, the plan changes to 'Free' and all the points expire.

At we accept all major credit/debit cards. To make the payment process easy and secure, payments can be made through Stripe or PayPal. If you didn’t find your preferred payment method, please contact us at or send a message to the chat.

Yes, we do. To get an access to our Affiliate program you just need to register an account and go to Affiliate program section in the main menu. All our affiliates receive 20% from all the payments of referred clients.

Yes, we love working with researchers and usually can offer extra discounts. Please, contact us at to learn about the options and discuss further on how we can collaborate.

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